sach edu

Sach Education!! Sach Difference!!

Our Tradition Of educating young minds!


10 years of experience in educating students.

We strongly believe that a formidable coaching is required to achieve big, not just in sports but in life as well.

In Sach Edu, we are specialized in teaching chess to young students from basics in chess. We are coaching since 2010 at various academics and schools.

In Sach Edu, We finally believe that every child has their own pace to learn things, we design our classes based on what a child needs.

“Motto: To bring a great impact on young minds of India to take up education and sports equally and reach heights.”

Class Package

  • INDIVIDUAL LESSONS (ONE TO ONE PROGRAM)-The time required for this program is customizable depending on the need of the student, usually comes in 30/45/60 minutes.
  • GROUP LESSONS( 1:5 PROGRAM)-This program helps students who need interactive environment where they can learn faster in groups, usually comes in 60/90 minutes.
  • CRASH CLASSES (10 DAYS)-This program initiates the idea of playing chess into newbies. Suitable for younger students to start chess.

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